Do you want to know the traffic in your points of sale? Commission your sales rep. on the transformation rate? Manage your network?

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IVScount is a set of ultra-accurate counting solutions to meet
all your counting needs:

In-store counting

  • Attractiveness of your window display
  • Number of passers-by
  • Number of customers in store
  • Time spent in store
  • Data restitution on mobile, dashboard
  • Integration with your internal tools

Building metering

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of people present
  • Filling rate
  • Overcapacity alert
  • Statistical data analysis

Thanks to this solution, you can analyse precisely :

Number of customers in store 

Point of sales performance

Attractivity of each shop, shopping window comparison

Customer presence time 

When the covid pandemic is over and masks are a bad memory, you will be able to segment male/female and age of visitors with a facial analysis.

All this data will be returned in the form of dashboards or integrated directly into your information systems via API. 

IRIS supports you beyond installation and commissionning by providing a hotline and fault detection support. Thus, your sensors are always maintained in operational conditions. 

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