Migrating multi-sites with a tight planning ?
Count on us, that's our speciality.

Your question is now focused on the deployment mode, and specifically the stakes that guarantee a strong acceptance as soon as the users get used to it. It is on this final touch that the satisfaction of your employees and the successful operation of your equipment depend.
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A single point of contact

An accompaniment in France and abroad

An efficient & flexible methodology

Access to expert skills

A project managers dedicated & available

You have carried out all the phases prior to your migration/IMAC project (choice of hardware, solution version, migration...), the solution works, the model meets the planned objectives. 

Another reflection aims at answering "what can improve the current migration/IMAC strategy and process?". Do you have the right resource on all sites? on all countries? on as many technologies? At night or anytime in the day?

Our method is based on a culture of preparation and project framing, a versatile tool that can be adapted to your needs, certified service acceptance upon closure, piloting(monitoring tool & technician follow-up), and a great majority of installations carried out by our internal teams.

Your project can extend over multi-sites, multi-countries, according to various technologies, during active operations with your employees, or on the contrary during their absence in order not to impact the site.

Take advantage of :

  • 3 levels of technical contributors (from IT technician to expert to certification)
  • Well-oiled Logistics
  • A staging / integration phase that cultivates plug & play
  • A meticulous sourcing
  • Dedicated project management (monitoring tools, project manager, assistant, ...)
  • A clear and precise User Training
  • Support in France and Europe

What is the budget to deploy on all sites (France/International)?

Approximately 20,000 installations in France and Europe are carried out each year by our teams. We have a great ability to quote a deployment / migration project very quickly and ensure you with a budgetary evaluation. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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