The impact of the

final touch

The final touch of a digital solution installation, can destroy or sublimate the quality of all parties involved in the construction of a broadcasting campaign, depending on the practices and the seriousness employed to ensure its success.

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Our team dedicated to the deployment and maintenance of digital signage solutions, brings you a framework aiming at the optimization of the result.

  • The installation in full safety (technical SOW and procedures aiming at the safety of goods and persons)
  • Certifications (safety + skills)
  • Implementation study
  • Knowing how to behave on a site receiving public & customers
  • Physical and application supervision of solutions

For more than 8 years, IRIS teams have become a reference on "sensitive" installations of interactive components. It is more than 10 000 achievements across Europe, on a wide variety of contexts.

Our partners, publishers, manufacturers of solutions and end customers can rely on our installation, maintenance and supervision skills.

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