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Want to save energy and be eco-friendly : choose LED lighting for your warehouses, your offices and your stores!

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Do you want to change the lighting concept of your stores?
Let's meet and discuss your specifications together.

We will carry out :

  • The audit of your space to be lit with LEDs
  • The choice of the color temperature 
  • The power and type of luminaire needed
  • The installation
  • The maintenance

Well-lit sales areas attract customers and increase product visibility, which has a positive impact on sales.

Well-lit warehouses and offices provide a pleasant working environment for your employees, increasing their productivity.

Lighting can have a positive or negative impact: make the right choice and contact Iris !


Whether it is for curative or preventive purposes, Iris' technicians and partners are cross-crossing France to perform qualitative and reactive electrical maintenance.

In addition, Iris can manage the regulatory maintenance of your lighting and emergency units.

Other services related to lighting are available: leasing, storage, trading, focussing... Any suggestions or ideas to submit to us?

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