IRIS Informatique has implemented its action plan on gender equality.

This action plan aims to formalize the actions already in place at IRIS and to commit to new actions.
IRIS wanted to commit to4 of the 9 existing areas of action until the end of 2023:hiring, training, professional promotion, qualification, classification, working conditions, health and safety at work, effective remuneration, work-life balance.

Hiring, recruitment:
- Ensure neutrality throughout the recruitment process
- Encourage internal and external applications for jobs with under-represented genders: IRIS' ambition is to increase the proportion of women in technical jobs
- Raise awareness of gender equality among recruiters
- Communicate more on our gender equality policy in order to attract new profiles

Compensation, classification:
- Guarantee identical compensation and classification for men and women at the time of hiring for equivalent levels of training, experience and positions
- Ensure equal pay for men and women throughout their careers

Professional promotion:
- Promote the promotion of women in the company in the same proportion as for the male population: with equal skills and experience, IRIS considers that men and women should have access to the same career path and the same opportunities for advancement.
- Allowing women access to management positions in the same proportion as for the male population

Working conditions:
- Ensure that the organization of work takes into account the theme of professional equality and gender diversity, in particular through the use of new technologies on a daily basis
- Improve the positions of professions involving the manual handling of loads and promote access for all to all workstations
- Work on the representations of professions and positions, in particular by carrying out communication actions to deconstruct gender stereotypes
- Encourage the management of parenthood within the company