Computer cabling specialist
& interactive solutions

Our teams provide the cabling necessary for digital uses on production sites and establishments open to the public.

Network cabling, computer bay, WIFI installation, installation of interactive tools, fiber connection, etc...

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Point of sales renovation

Implementation of self-service equipment (kiosks, interactive screens)

Queueing management system implementation

Equipment for the reception of the public

WiFi / Network device rollout

Cabling installation projects in France or Europe

Always striving to meet all of our clients' needs, our offerings expanded in 2017 with the creation of our electrical department. IRIS now offers national coverage for all your high and low current cable pulling requests.

We operate in the market segments dedicated to cabling for IT use in production sites and public buildings.

Thus our teams will have a high added value on network cabling operations, computer racks, WIFI installation, installation of interactive tools, fiber connection ..

With our experience in the retail, industrial and office environment, whatever your electrical needs, we can meet them.

  • Creation and recovery of circuits up to 30A single-phase
  • The installation of self-service equipment (kiosks, screens)
  • Equipment connection
  • ÉLighting
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Wiring of Ethernet links
  • Fiber optic cabling and soldering
  • Installation and redesign ofcomputercabinets
  • Ethernet and fiber optic testing with Fluke DSX Certifier CableAnalyzer

All of our electricians are CACES certified for working at heights with motorized aerial work platforms and have a Navitek professional network tester to monitor and troubleshoot Ethernet installations on a daily basis .IRIS has also invested in Fluke DSX CableAnalyzer™certifiers to perform complete acceptance testing of Ethernet and fiber optic installations.

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