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IRIS offers decision support tools for the implementation of an interactive tool. How do we do it? We install a video that will be able to analyze the human flows, waiting areas, sanitary restrictions of a space receiving the public.
This flow analysis provides a sum of data to consolidate your choices regarding the location of an interactive equipment.

Created in 2012, the DIGITAL division of IRIS was built on the idea of being an expert in the operation of fixing interactive tools and digital signage. Aware that there were on the one hand specialists in the creation of digital tools (solutions, content), and on the other hand the installation of these tools.

Thus, whatever the interactive solution you chose, our digital division adapts to provide you with secure installations with the least possible impact.

Each installation benefits from a formalism and safety provisions that comply with the fixing operations required for "establishments receiving the public" .

Our teams have the necessary certifications to carry out this type of work (high/low current, work at height, fire permit...).

More than 10,000 interactive devices have been installed in several European countries. Our know-how and methods allow us to be the exclusive representatives of a world leader in installation and maintenance operations. 

Our repair factory has also equipped itself with repair tools adapted to the constraints of large size screens.

Finally, each installed interactive device can benefit from a remote or on-site user support contract.

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