Ensure your core system security
& optimize the IT staging efficiency

IRIS staging unit designs your IT systems and verifies their compliance so that each equipment perfectly meets the needs expressed by users, per environment.

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IT integration project

IT staging with IRIS : be ready for a complete plug & play service

Needs analysis (per user, per service, per Business Unit):

Software development / configuration, scripting

Integration of your software

Transformation of the "raw" components into "plug and play".

Conformity control, battery of tests

Pilot analysis


Drafting of technical documents and operating procedures

IT staging & integration projects require a specialized expertise. These missions incorporate complex software and hardware based on rigorous specifications. Our team of integration experts creates, certifies, secures, industrializes the preparation of your equipment and facilitate your business / daily activity.

A team of N3 technicians certified on most solution providers / manufacturers in retail.

A staging bench with a capacity of 90 simultaneous items

Tools for sharing and storing procedures to be used

An wide network access for
VPN client accesses

The consulting role of our experts to optimize
the operation of your IT equipment

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