Electronic repair
Manage your IT assests in complete freedom

Our repair laboratory, based in France, enables us to troubleshoot all types of computer and electronic equipment, under warranty or out of warranty...

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A core activity of IRIS, at the heart of our maintenance process

A Research & Development laboratory for your benefit

Extension of IT equipment lifespan, 
in an environmental and economic approach

Speed of repair that can exceed manufacturer's standards

High price competitiveness thanks to component repair, as opposed to standard exchange

Located near Lille, the location is ideal  in the heart of Europe for a better management of ligistics on multi-country-locations

A hardware failure does not inevitably mean the end of the equipment.

By finding solutions on the most fragile components and by analyzing in detail the functioning of each part, sustainable repair solutions can be found, resulting in significant savings on your hardware purchase costs.

With more than 20 positions equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a team of specialized technicians, IRIS has developed a strong multi-brand and multi-technology expertise, to ensure a custom adaptation to the specificities of your IT assets.

We manage the sourcing of the rarest components, and have an advanced know-how in electronics & electromechanics, expressed by our multiple certifications.

Real actor of Research & Development in the IRIS activity, we are able to refurbish a wide range of equipment:

  • Active elements in the infrastructure & network
  • The entire end-user and workstation environment
  • Point-of-sale terminals and their peripherals
  • Digital Signage devices & professional A/V systems
  • Printing equipment, from desktop sizes to multi-function & specialized printers

Whether your equipment is under warranty orout of warranty, our services are completely adapted to your needs!

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