Your IT asset
at the right place, on the right time, with guaranteed safety

No, your IT equipment is not just any random item. It is configured for your use (via various tools), it is often a safe of sensitive date, it mus be available anywhere in Europe in a few hours.

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Provide private storage

Handle various equipment sizes & volumes, from smartphones to large screen

Provide a shared or dedicated management of maintenance stocks

Guarantee a solid insurance coverage
for your stock

To be accessible 7/7
everywhere in Europe

Simplify customs formalism management

Our organization allows to track each component, assign an ownership (client or iris), and associate a functional compatibility to it.

The storage areas are secured, FSL access (forward stock logistics - proximity stocks) in 7/7.

Our daily shipments ensure a cut-off time as late as possible and guarantee delivery throughout France / Europe on the next morning. Maintenance operations are guaranteed Next Business Day with an optimization of maintenance stocks, therefore of your costs.

Repacking & preparation, consolidation, parcel, pallet…

Banalize the packaging of valuable smartphones or PCs, group packaging and optimize transport costs, provide small or large size deliveries (e.g. kiosk or large screen), affix asset management solutions to equipment... our logistics team ensures the management of varied and adaptable offers.

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