Virtuous treatment of your IT equipment at the end of its lifecycle

IRIS assists all its customers to manage end-of-life IT equipment in a flawless manner.

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We contribute to your eco-responsibility approach, in full compliance with the law

IRIS provides you with a certificate of destruction of the material and a waste tracking form

A better management of your fixed asset disposals

The assurance of entrusting its
WEEE to a qualified IT specialist to process them

A management of your waste in a site classified

For 10 years, and well before environmental issues were major topics, IRIS has been aware of the major challenge of recovering IT and electronic waste.

We provide you with a service of collection and management of IT equipment at the end of exploitation.

Thus, if you wish to recycle your equipment in a virtuous way while being in conformity with European regulations, to guarantee the destruction of the data contained in your equipment or to put back in conformity your IT equipment at the end of life, we are committed to satisfy all your requests.

We follow a strict and transparent protocol to ensure the destruction of your data and guarantee the confidentiality of information.

Our recycling process is certified by the delivery of official documents attesting to the respect of the standards in force.

With the support of our logistics team, we manage the end-to-end recovery process, from collection to final decommission, for your sites in France and Europe.

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