Do you want to recycle your old PCs, payment terminals, printers, tickets, screens, laptops, central units? 

Iris accompanies you on your ecological issues and your need for space in your stores and warehouse!

We offer you the recycling of your IT equipment, with the provision of a BSD waste tracking slip

What does the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulation say?

Article R. 543-172. of the Environmental Code defines EEE (electrical and electronic equipment) as "equipment that uses electric currents or electromagnetic fields, as well as equipment for the production, transfer and measurement of these currents and fields, designed for use at a voltage not exceeding 1,000 volts for alternating current and 1,500 volts for direct current".

The term WEEE or D3E applies to "electrical and electronic equipment, and the waste from it, including all components, subassemblies and consumables that are an integral part of the product at the time of disposal."

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At IRIS, we can also provide you with a record of the serial numbers of items put into recycling.

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