On the road to ecology

LEDs replace your traditional lighting in your offices, stores, back offices and warehouses.

Thanks to its low power consumption, you make an ecological gesture and save money. You become eco-friendly, a friend of the environment who by daily actions makes a difference.

Generating little or no heat, infrared or ultraviolet radiation, LEDs provide instant illumination when turned on, unlike older technologies such as metal halide.

The LED has become a real design object, emitting a warm and pleasant light. For the enhancement of your merchandising, we offer you our service RELOOKING/RETROFITTING LIGHTINGWe carry out an audit of your existing lighting, a technical support for the choice of power, color temperatures, design of luminaires and their orientation.

With 12 years of experience in retail lighting and more than 20 years in the electrical field, we will be able to support all your projects, anywhere in France.

Do not hesitate to contact us: sclaverie@iris-it.fr or 06 82 47 42 47.