The point of sale must guarantee the possibility to finalize a sale at any time, ensuring the most fluid and comfortable experience for the consumer.

Here is our service approach to ensure the best possible service

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Our organization is thus shaped by a few basic principles :

  • A POS System should be immobilized as little as possible
  • Few editors have a unique collection application version for all their clients (therefore no copy/paste on a client using the same application name)
  • Only comply with the procedures specific to each company
  • Rigorous practices for the electronic fund transfer devices
  • Courtesy of the technician (benevolence, discretion, know-how)
  • Understand the rhythm of a business, its schedules, its constraints

    On the basis of these principles, IRIS has built an organization to :

    • Understand the context of the company
    • To understand the economic rhythm, seasonality, peak hours
    • Understand retail uses, the customers journeys
    • List and record specificities
    • Train its intervention teams
    • Follow the certification courses

      In this respect, our tools allow us to incorporate all the specificities of a site (e.g.: market day on Wednesday, or material specificity on this site), and thus to allow the anticipation of computer maintenance and installation acts.

      Our fencing tools are built to ensure that the details of the technical act perfectly follow the client's rules.

      IRIS provides daily maintenance on nearly 20,000 points of collection.

      The POS System is built around several variants :

      • All in one
      • Modular,
      • Self check out
      • Vending automated

      Each of these solutions is subject to specific operating conditions, intervention constraints and reactivation procedure .

      Various EFT technologies are available for credit card payment and electronic payment systems :

      • Centralized (with or without integration)
      • Centralized without local agent
      • Autonomous
      • Variety of payment means available
      • Variety of payment methods (over the counter, roaming, on a tablet, etc.)
      • France only or international
      • ...

      The expertise of IRIS in these areas, can guarantee a support consistent with the technologies used and uses that are specific to each brand.

      Our goal is to complete your electronic payment preferences by adding all the service layers necessary to have a number of EFT terminals availability as high as possible.

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