7/7 End user support
remotely or on site

In all circumstances, your teams must be in full possession of their IT resources. When one of your collaborators suffers from a malfunction of its equipment, it is necessary to act quickly, on the spot or remotely.

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More than 20 years experience in end-user support and maintenance

A multi-skilled helpdesk for immediate remote resolution

100% des plateaux d’appels en France 

A strong capacity to provide English-speaking resources

A complete adaptation to your reporting requirements

Dedicated and multilingual project management

The majority of daily IT failures occur on the end user's environment, his workstation.
You need the guarantee thatan IT expert will be available, able to solve any problem in support of your IS or in full management of your support.
With nearly 20 years of experience in user & network support, IRIS has a complete understanding of this environment, and the challenges that characterizes it.
In hotline support , on specific actions (dispatch), short / long term missions ... We build the support structure you need.

Our offer is focused on providing  the most qualified and flexible technical workforce possiblein adequacy with your internal IT teams.
We manage customers of all sizes on a daily basis, and propose offers adapted to the volume and recurrence.

Our specialty: the management of complex contexts and atypical frequencies.

Our call center guarantees a hyper-reactive supervision, with the objective of remote resolution at all cost!

For your field maintenance needs, the IRIS FTE & planning teams find the right person with the required skills and availability.

For long-term on-site support, our sourcing team offers you dedicated profiles strictly selected according to the specificities of your missions.

With a strong involvement of international players in IT outsourcing structures, IRIS ensures the availability of English-speaking resources, both in the field and within your project management team.

Of course, our support is complemented by our logistics services and / or hardware repair, allowing the management at 360 ° of your IT.

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