JAPAN - the coworking café according to Starbucks.

In collaboration with ThinkLab, the creator of innovative workspaces in the land of the rising sun, the famous American brand may have just imagined in Tokyo the concept of the coffee shop of tomorrow.
In a space of almost 200 square meters, everyone can reserve their own individual or collective work space. Drinks and meals can be ordered through the app or directly at the counter.
The space has been entirely designed to provide all the comfort necessary for the professional environment with all the connectivity at hand, the possibility to project content in meetings and free access to the Internet.
To meet the sanitary requirements of the moment, a systematic disinfection is carried out after the use of each work space.


Images: ©Starbucks





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SPAIN - The ephemeral store in Barcelona


In September 2021, Mango has imagined its version of the ephemeral store on a concept directly addressed to its target of teenage customers.

On 200 m² of full pink, Mango decided to mark the spirits by highlighting its new range dedicated to 11-15 years.
The brand has designed an immersive journey with the collaboration of Tik Tok.
The young customers are encouraged to deploy their energy by dancing and singing, and then publishing it on the platform so appreciated by this age group.

Mango is fully committed to this diversification strategy and intends to multiply these Pop Up stores to promote the other segments of its brand.




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CHINA - Opening of IKEA Shanghai without signposted route

In August 2021, IKEA launched its new immersive store concept in Shanghai.
Its name: "Home Experience of Tomorrow".
Gone is the mandatory route that condemns customers to go through every section of the store, the concept wants to invite consumers to relax and enjoy the animations in each area they choose to visit.

The furniture giant has also imagined sharing spaces, the "Community Hubs", where employees, influencers or customers can share their tips and knowledge, and of course, promote new products. You can even take cooking classes there...

It is also for the brand to appropriate the theme of ecology, among others via the "Makers Hubs", allowing to put forward projects in phase with a sustainable lifestyle and the repair to be made oneself.






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INDIA - Installation of the country's first shopping center

At the end of November 2021, Ingka Centres Group, which manages IKEA infrastructure, announced the upcoming arrival of a next-generation shopping center in Gurugram, India, scheduled for construction in early 2022. This is its first project in the country, valued at 400 million euros.

In a 130,000 square meter space, the Gurugram shopping center intends to provide consumers with a completely balanced experience between physical and online shopping.
Ingka aims to provide a rich visitor experience between the hospitality of innovative workspaces, "edutainment" learning spaces, festival and exhibition spaces, as well as green spaces and an omnichannel retail offering.

Also embracing the theme of ecological sustainability, Ingka highlights the project's eco-friendly certifications, its 100% water recycling concept, the sustainable construction techniques used and the use of renewable energy.






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USA - Amazon Style store opens in Los Angeles

In January 2022, Amazon announced that it wants to open its new clothing store, Amazon Style.
This new concept is supposed to open in Los Angeles this year.

After its experiments with physical stores dedicated to food and books, the giant is now launching a clothing business.

You will find all types of items from well-known and emerging brands in all price segments.

Amazon obliges, the customer journey will be entirely connected. Don't come without your smartphone, it's a must for touring the store.

Upon entering, shoppers will see "display items" that feature only one size and color of a particular product. The rest of the inventory of each item will be kept in the back of the store. After logging into the Amazon app on a smartphone, they will scan a QR code on the product to see other sizes, colors, item ratings and other information, such as personalized recommendations for similar products.

In the fitting rooms, Amazon has added touch screens, which shoppers can use to rate items or request different sizes or styles to be delivered to their cubicle.

Shoppers will be able to use Amazon's palm scanning system, Amazon One, to pay at checkout.






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