On-site IT maintenance, with complete peace of mind

When the emergency and the context require a physical intervention on your hardware, count on a qualified expert.

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An upstream preparation for an in-depth understanding of the technical context

A low recourse to subcontracting, the vast majority of interventions in France being managed by IRIS technicians

Technicians perfectly familiar with the rules of courtesy necessary to intervene in premises open to the public

The technicians carrying out your interventions are often the same

Access to expert skills throughout Europe

Interventions in tight deadlines under respected SLAs, with or without parts

With an experience of more than 20 years as a IT maintainer, IRIS ensures the maintenance in operational condition of your assets, with or without spare parts, with peace of mind for you and your teams, anywhere in France and Europe.

Our French network is mainly composed of our own technicians, recruited and trained directly by IRIS, guaranteeing very low recourse to subcontracting.

On the international level, we rely on specialized and carefully selected partners in each country, with whom we have been collaborating for several years. In total,more than 1,500 IT technicians will support you throughout Europe and beyond.

Perfectly familiar with a clientele welcoming public, the IT technicians in our network are well experienced with the fundamentals of courtesy.

The skill level of our staff is constantly updated through training sessions and updated procedures.

Each of them is equipped with the appropriate tools to manage all troubleshooting actions (laptop PC, merchant EFT card, micro-computing tools, drilling tools, etc.), and follow-up actions allowing interactive communication with your support teams and ours.

From NBD to H+4, the smooth restart of your IT equipment is done in accordance with your daily operating requirements.

Maintenance in operational condition of your IT equipment has never been so serene!

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