IRIS obtained the following results in the calculation of the Gender Equality Index for the year 2023 for the 2022 data:

Overall score 73/100 :

  • Pay gap indicator: 38/40 ;
  • Individual increase rate gap indicator: 35/35 ;
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: 0/15 ;
  • High remuneration indicator: 0/10.


Our goals for the coming year are as follows:

Target Indicator Pay gap

- Guarantee identical pay and classification for men and women at the time of hiring, for equivalent levels of training, experience and positions;

- Ensure equal pay for men and women throughout their careers.


Target Indicator Difference in rate of individual increases


Objective Indicator return from maternity leave

- Promote the management of parenthood within the company.


Target Indicator top ten compensation

- Promote the promotion of women in the company in the same proportion as for the male population. The company wishes to allow employees, regardless of their gender, to have the same opportunities for professional development, with identical skills and performance.