What are microdonations really?

The social enterprise "microDon" is developing this system, called "l'arrondi", for the benefit of humanitarian, charitable and environmental associations.

At the checkout, more and more retailers are offering their customers the opportunity to round up the total amount of their purchases to the nearest euro and donate the difference to an association. The micro-donation is done online and by cash if the store does not have a credit card collection system on its Eftpos terminal.

The cashier must first explain to you what the microdonation is about and then you can validate it or not. If the undecided customer waits too long, the donation message will fade away by itself. In the case of a payment validated by accident, it is possible to contact "microDON" directly to obtain a refund.

The shops decide on the choice of the association and the amount, it can be from 2 euros or 10 euros, some propose it, whatever the amount of the basket. The process remains the same to round up, generally it does not exceed one euro.




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